Monday, August 26, 2013

PE Runtime Data Structures v1

This is a diagram of PE runtime data structures. I used OmniGraffle. I will post the OmniGraffle files when I get ahold of them again. They are on another computer. 

I was inspired by Ero Carrera's [1] diagrams and Corkami [2]. I made this diagram because I was teaching myself Windows data structures and was unsatisfied with what was out there. The information for these structures was obtained from "Windows Internals 6" by Russinovich, Solomon, and Ionescu [3].

It is not finished, but I figured I should just upload it now instead of whenever I get around to finishing it. Hopefully I haven't made any mistakes. It will probably go through many iterations, maybe end up being interactive.

Edit: Nov. 10, 2013 
OmniGraffle file:


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